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Oct 31, 2019

Casey comes back to the subject of increasing your financial IQ. In this episode, Casey will introduce some of Robert Kiyosaki’s principles regarding Financial IQs that you can put into action right away,  first by identifying which is your mindset about money and where you got it from, and then, figuring out your abilities to make money, protect it, budgeting, leveraging it, and lastly, dedicating time to always increase your financial intelligence.


Listen to this show and get financially smarter!


Key Takeaways:

[3:22] Learning to set goals.

[4:47] Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

[5:24] What is your mindset about money?

[6:13] You need to unparent yourself.

[6:49] The five financial IQs.

[7:29] Four different groups of people regarding who you are in the relationship to money.

[7:50] Four quadrants: The employee, the self-employed, the big business and the investor.

[10:03] First Financial IQ: Making money.

[10:47] Second Financial IQ: Protecting your money.

[14:53] Third Financial IQ: Budgeting.

[16.30] The importance of setting realistic expectations.

[17:30] Fourth Financial IQ: Leveraging your money.

[19:35] Fifth Financial IQ: Always increase your financial intelligence.


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